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western standard eye care in Vietnam

After seeing many young patients with ill-fitting glasses at the European Eye Center, the founders decided to do something about it and imported a collection of children's frames from Europe. This is how Top Vision was born.
The selection has now expanded to frames for all ages and sunglasses.

The collections are handpicked and chosen for quality and style. The brands are mostly from Europe, the USA, and Japan, and include Lafont, Marco Polo, Malt, Titanflex, Unsuikyo, Gigi Barcelona, WileyX, and more.
Our brand new store at Nguyen Duy Hieu reflects the owners' desire for integrity, quality, sustainability, and originality.

When you visit Top Vision, you can be confident you are in good hands. Your experience will start with an intake to discover your needs.

Finding the right frames that fit your face is the next step, followed by a thorough eye exam to ensure the correct prescription. Our highly trained optometrists will help you to select the best lenses for your needs. Correct fitting will ensure your vision has never been better! 

Our optometrists can also help you find the type of contact lenses that work best for you. First-time users will get thorough training.

If you have underlying medical conditions that affect your vision, the European Eye Center is just a floor away. There you will receive the western quality medical eye care you deserve.

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